Q: What is Cerakote and how durable is it?


We are not currently accepting any Cerakote work at this time. Our OEM production work has increased substantially and we cannot say when we will accept custom work again. Please contact Easy Day Armament for any Cerakote needs in North Central Ohio. They are a NIC Certified Cerakote Applicator and do great work!
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Owner: Eric Hendricks              (419) 565-1808

Mid-Ohio Hydrographics is a full-time, production-level facility and we decorate thousands of parts every week! We work for various OEM's in the outdoor industry and we stay very busy. We work in custom jobs around these production accounts, so turnaround usually runs 3-5 weeks depending on our current schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions regarding Hydrographics and Cerakote! Don't see an answer to your question? Please go to the "Contact Us" page and drop us an email!

Q: What do I need to do to my firearm/item before bringing it to you for Cerakote or Hydrographics?


Q: Can my ___________ be dipped?


Q: How much will it cost to dip/Cerakote my item?


Base prices for most items can be found on our Price Lists which can be found by clicking the blue buttons below. For items not listed, shoot us an email from the "Contact Us" page and we will work up a custom quote for you! Please include the number and size of the items and what pattern you would like. We may request photos of the items to provide an accurate quote. Please note, we do not decorate automotive/motorcycle parts or apply gloss topcoats.

All items must be 100% disassembled before bringing them to us for coating. This means all pins, springs, screws, etc. must be removed. The only exceptions are barreled actions. We can remove/reinstall dovetailed pistol sights but cannot guarantee the same point of impact after reinstallation. Do not clean your item with Armor All or oil it excessively before bringing it to us. If the item is very dirty, clean with Dawn dish soap and water or wipe down with Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.

Q: What patterns are available​?


Q: What is Hydrographics and how durable is it?


This is our specialty! We custom design and build part-specific high-density fixturing for all of our clients (some tooling fees may apply). Our proprietary automated systems provide a very cost-effective decorating solution while maintaining high consistency, quality, and quick turnaround! We would love to run some samples for you free of charge. Please email us using the "Contact Us" page today!

Q: I am a manufacturer and need a quote on X number of parts. Can you do that?


Mid-Ohio Hydrographics in Mansfield, OH

Most likely, YES! Hydrographics can be performed on any solid, non-porous substrate. Wood, metal, glass, and most plastics are great candidates! We hold a Federal Firearms License so decorating firearms is not an issue. All firearms must be completely, 100% disassembled before bringing them to us for coating. Please note that we are not accepting any automotive/motorcycle work. Only camouflage and/or matte clear projects.

Mid-Ohio Hydrographics is officially licensed by both Realtree and Mossy Oak brand camouflage companies! We can also get nearly any other camouflage pattern you'd like including Kryptek, True Timber, ATACS, MultiCam and many others! There are thousands of other patterns available including wood grains, marble and stone, carbon fiber, etc. Click the "Patterns" link at the top of the page and browse around!

Decorating via hydrographics (a.k.a. water transfer printing or camo dipping) has been used for decades to enhance the look and durability of various 3D surfaces. It's the same process used on nearly all camouflage firearms, bows, and even the wood grain plastic pieces you see in automotive interiors. We are meticulous with our prep process and care for your item as if it were our own. Under normal use your coatings will last for many years with little to no maintenance! We have tested numerous firearm cleaners with no issues, but avoid any product that states it is "Not recommended for painted surfaces" as these can cause issues with the coatings.

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Cerakote is the premier firearms coating! It is a very thin, bake-on Ceramic coating with superior durability and corrosion, wear and chemical resistance. It's the best choice for solid colors or battle-worn finishes! Check out our Cerakote page for more information and Cerakote's ASTM testing videos! You can also check out www.cerakote.com for more information!

Q: What is your turnaround time?